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Mother Nature has given us bamboo, a very hearty grass, to make wind chimes, walking sticks and many other fine products.  Bamboo is also used in the construction of houses, bridges, scaffolds, huts, outhouses, fences, picture frames, tableware, bowls and floring.
        The bamboo in our yard was planted in the 1970's,  and has prospered for the last 35 years or so. The bamboo is cut when it is fully mature (about 3 years old) and dried for approximately six months.
To work with the bamboo, it's cut into the lengths needed, then the sections are cleaned and sanded.  I use sealer and stain on some items, and polyurethane on others.  This 
process adds to the usefulness and longevity of the products.  All of my bamboo items are produced entirely by me at my residence.


Purchase Bamboo Crafts With Paypal or Contact Me
Lg. Wind Chime:     $30 

Med. Wind Chime:  $25

Alternate  Wind  Chime  $25

Sm. Wind Chime:   $20

Tea Light Holders:  $5, 3 for $12

Pencil, Paint Brush Holders: $5

Walking Sticks:       $8

Note: walking sticks can only be purchased locally.

Price does not include a minimal shipping and handling charge

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